In 1893, Joe Stands came to the basin that currently bares his name. He built a cabin and began raising horses, some of which were sold to the U.S army who administered Yellowstone National Park at that time. The property was purchased by the Davis family over 50 years ago and has largely been kept in the same primitive condition. Our property is Stand's basin is critical to our livestock operstion.

Stans Basin

Pine Creek

In 1902, the Smith family bought the Pine Creek Ranch and after years of hard work and dedication they turned the ranch into a show place called the Yellowstone View Ranch. The Davis family purchased this land 50 years ago after seeing the breath taking views and enormous potential for a working cattle ranch.


Let us show you Paradise.

Flying Diamond Guide Service, is owned and operated by brothers Martin and Jack Davis. The Davis family has been cattle ranchers for 4 generations, and has owned the ranch in Paradise Valley for 50 years. The Davis family are cow calf producers, and raising cattle is their livelihood.